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Our chlorinated latex examination glove is a bio- degradeable product made from 100% natural rubber latex and is compounded in a controlled environment to ensure consistency in the product quality.
Glove Design
A superior glove design to ensure fit for the majority of users with a beaded cuff to allow for easy donning.
Quality Standards
All operations are controlled in a professional manner and with following standards and regulations follows.
FDA Special Requirement, New Requirement when issued.
FDA 1,000 ml, Waterleak Test.
FDA GMP guidelines and SMDA guidelines.
ASTM D3578-99.
ASTM D5151-92.
ASQC/ISO 9000 series for Quality Assurance.
U.S. Pharmacopoeia.
Medical Devices Directive 93/42/ECC.
CE Class 1; Complies with EN 455.
Since allergens fluctuate as residuals during the process of formulating and manufacturing. This may or may not present a reaction problem in skin sensitive individuals Allergic reactions can come from many sources and to protect our customers from high levels of residuals glove production is tested routinely. We maintains a clean environment and take precautions to ensure consistency in low level residuals.
Found on all glove products at different level of concentration with a large variation between powdered gloves and chlorinated gloves. Protein may come from a variety of source incleuding chemicals used to formulate, raw rubber, dirty water, improperly set-up dipping and processing lines and other sources. We make sure that the protein is checked on a regular basis by using a modified lowry test and that the levels run consistent within a range of 0.5 mg/1 (ppm).
Release Agent and Donning Powder
ABSORBO of Nation Starch is the USP grade cornstarch used because of its low irritation characteristics. ABSORBO is used as a mold release and a lubricant.
100 gloves/box
10 boxes/case
Natural to White / Off-White
(Note: Chlorinated gloves will normally have a slight color variation. This due to the chlorinated process and the extra drying process used).
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